Pick Your Own Honeycrisp Opening Tuesday Aug. 30!


Toasting the Tomato!


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Sixty Seconds with Judi:   As summer comes to her final weeks we are blessed with what I think may be the best, most versatile fruit of all; the tomato!   You can pluck them off the vine and eat them warm in the summer sun. Grab some good bread, a little mayo and salt and pepper and you have the best sandwich, maybe ever! If you were to add some to a grilled cheese – well, holy cow! Let us not forget Bruschetta: add some basil, garlic and olive oil to a chopped ripe tomato and you have an instant party for your mouth. Add Bruschetta to some pasta...Read More...


Extending the Growing Season

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Sixty Seconds with Judi:   Mother Nature is a fickle woman (aren’t we all). We never really know when she will blow her cool frosty winds our way. So let us take advantage of the warm days ahead and see what our garden can do for us.   Right now we are at the peak of the summer growing season. With all this bounty it’s hard to keep up with the canning and storage let alone thinking ahead to plant more! But this is the time to extend that season a little further and plant some cool weather vegetables. Dig through those seeds once again and find all those early...Read More...


Farm Market Sale! Pies and Sweet Corn, Oh My!

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All of the best things are on sale this weekend – Linvilla Pies & Sweet Corn!   8/20 & 8/21 enjoy two days of BIG SALES at the Farm Market.    All Linvilla Pies are just $8.99!   Linvilla’s Own Sweet Corn is just $4.99 a dozen!    And while you’re here enjoy the peak of produce season at the Farm Market. We have Linvilla’s Own Summer Apples, Peaches, Sweet Corn, Bell Peppers, Hot Peppers, Summer Squash, Tomatoes and more! Plus local Blueberries, Peaches, Nectarines, Jersey Tomatoes, Corn, and much more! We ❤ Summer!Read More...