My Story on a Tree


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Sixty Seconds with Judi:   This week my family picked out the perfect tree. It was a little earlier than usual for us; I wanted my son who was home from college to be a part of the celebration since he won’t be home until Christmas eve.  Our tree is beautiful. Perfectly placed in the corner and adorned with lights that my boys put on for me. Nevertheless, Alex needed to get back to school and Aidan went off to his room to study for finals and I was left to decorate the tree.   I waited for my Sunday off, put a fire in the fireplace, put some Christmas...Read More...


Ready, Set, Go


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Sixty Seconds with Judi:   It’s here! You know that time of year that is supposed to be ringing with cheer and good will to all men. But, instead we seem to put ourselves into a frenzy of shopping and constant worry about what to buy Aunt Mary. Well I say STOP! Let’s slow down this year. Keep things simple. Let’s bring back tradition instead of trying to cram it into our schedules.   I have a plan this year and I am going to do my best to stick to it. First, it’s ok to say no! We don’t have to make every holiday party or participate in every...Read More...


Thinking Thanksgiving


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Get your orders in early this year! Click to see our special Thanksgiving Turkeys and Pies menu! And view the rest of our Bakery items here!   Sixty Seconds with Judi:   My house at Thanksgiving is no Norman Rockwell painting. It is pure chaos! My house is small and the crowd is large. The numbers are frequently in the 30’s.  My sisters and I put out a large spread. Three Turkeys are usually the center piece; each containing their very own stuffing recipe, the favorite being my oldest sisters. She is the only one who can recreate my mother’s stuffing.  The side dishes will vary from year to year...Read More...